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Being inclusive and integrating a feminist praxis – what we call Feminist Coach Theory – into your business, work and client practice IS MORE THAN tweaking a few words in your language.

It’s more than reading some books. 

It’s more than only using diverse images on your website.

It’s a whole foundation, system and way of showing up in your life, business and work with clients. 

It’s doing the ongoing work publicly when everybody is looking and privately when nobody is looking too.

In the Feminist Coach Academy, we will help you build that inclusive feminist foundation in your business, work and client practice.

This Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training has been developed in collaboration with an expert faculty to support you in doing exactly this.

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Most coaching schools, helping professional and business trainings do not include curriculum or a lens on the influences of socialisation and systemic oppression on the helping professional, their work, business and client practice. 

As a result, coaches, other helping professionals and entrepreneurs often learn a method, way of working, and a means of relating with clients that is not inclusive, intersectional, nuanced and contextual – often then unknowingly replicating oppressive systems, structures, beliefs, methods, binaries, power imbalances and ways of relating in their work and client practice.


When helping professionals and business owners learn Feminist Coach Theory (refer to our definition further down the page), and how to integrate it in their business and client practice, they are more equipped to minimise harm and better serve themselves, their clients, their communities and society at large.

We believe ALL coaches and helping professionals should learn how to integrate Feminist Coach Theory as part of their professional development and training.

With an inclusive feminist praxis – your work, business and client practice is better and more whole. You are better equipped to serve your clients and hold space for their different experiences without bypassing. 

Our lives and industries are better with inclusive feminism.


You want to be a socially aware coach or helping professional.

You want to thrive as a business owner without compromising your feminist values and ethics

You’re ready to be part of building a future that is truly inclusive and not just a tokenistic box to check.

Feminist Coach Theory guides you to do business your way while using intersectional frameworks and integrating your feminist values and ethics. 

Feminist Coach Theory guides you to integrate an inclusive feminist perspective into your coaching, healing or counseling practice with clients

The world needs more feminist entrepreneurs like you.

Our industries need a feminist analysis badly. We demand better than the old ways of doing things. You do too.

(When you click this button you’ll have the opportunity to review pricing options and then click through to our application form where you can apply to join the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training.)


you will


  • ZWhat Feminist Coach Theory is, how it was founded, and why it is essential to fully serving your clients and helping them make long-lasting change.
  • ZWhat socialisation, patriarchy, oppression, white supremacy and the 'isms' are (e.g., racism, sexism, ableism, sizeism, anti-semitism and more) - and how they show up in your business, work, methods, practice and relationship with clients.
  • ZWhy it is critical to not only have a Self Awareness but a Social Awareness too and how being able to bring these two factors together can help your clients attain their goals, work through fears, overcome obstacles, identify options, expand possibilities, and create long-lasting change.
  • ZWhat trauma and racial trauma is, and why a trauma-informed approach is required to minimise harm, appropriately refer clients when needed, have an ethical practice and truly support them and their needs.
  • ZWhat the difference between unsafe and uncomfortable conversations are - and how we can have more confident, courageous conversations with our clients and audiences.
  • ZHow bias and internalised oppression impacts our work and client practice - and how we can support our clients in examining and breaking free from these too.
  • ZWhat to do when we do cause harm or make a mistake to ensure we geninely apologise, make repairs, show up ethically and with integrity, and are held accountable to doing better.
  • ZWhat tools and frameworks can assist us in integrating and practicing Feminist Coach Theory in our business, work and client practice.
  • ZAnd so much more! See our core curriculum and electives below.

      (When you click this button you’ll have the opportunity to review pricing options and then click through to our application form where you can apply to join the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training.)


      I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had for my own learning and professional development, as well as the ongoing support I’ve received from the Feminist Coach Academy this year.

      recently gave a workshop about burnout and how it affects Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) specifically.  Had I not been training with the Feminist Coach Academy, it would have been a completely different presentation.  From exploring the role of gender to highlighting systems of oppression that create states of chronic stress, my training emboldened me to go further than I might have otherwise and provide information that helped the participants see burnout in a whole new way. 

      Jolinda Johnson

      Wellness Mentor & Priestess

      The Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training was one of the best things I did this year and I am really loving and delighted by it. The best part of my day is to see the classes and implement the amazing content that I learn.

      At first I was a little unsure about signing up because I’m Brazilian and I don’t speak English fluently, but the FCA team is so attentive and so wonderful that at all times it made me feel comfortable and safe in sharing my experiences in a foreign language.

      Certainly choosing this training at FCA was one of the best things I did and I recommend it to all from all parts of the world!

      Mayra Cardozo

      Lawyer, feminist, activist and human rights teacher

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      Coach Theory


      Feminist Coach Theory is an integrative approach to coaching that combines the practice of coaching with feminist philosophies and social justice teachings.

      Feminist Coach Theory adopts a critique of patriarchy, systems of oppression and power to question the different ways we’ve been socialised and oppressed (based on gender, race, sexuality, class, ability, size, etc) and how this shows up for the coach and client in their lives, goals, and relationships with self, each other and their communities.

      It employs an examination of the dynamic between self-awareness and social awareness to interrupt dominant ways of thinking and acting, access our inner and outer liberation, expand possibilities and options, identify possible strategies and solutions, and ultimately create new ways of thinking, being and acting within ourselves, with each other and in the world.

          (When you click this button you’ll have the opportunity to review pricing options and then click through to our application form where you can apply to join the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training.)


          PHASE 1

          12 x CORE Curriculum Modules

          The first phase of your learning in the Feminist Coach Theory Certification training will include the undertaking of 12 CORE teaching modules.


          MODULE 1

          Introduction to Feminist Coach Theory

          Feminist Coach Academy (FCA) co-founder Naomi Arnold will begin with a 101 class on what Feminist Coach Theory (FCT) is, how it was founded, and some frameworks you can use to integrate your learnings in this training and FCT into your work and client practice. 

          MODULE 2

          Introduction to the ‘Isms’, Business and Client Work

          Desiree Adaway will introduce you to the ‘isms’ (i.e., racism, sexism, anti-semitism, sizeism, capitalism, etc) and key teachings (e.g., white supremacy, anti-Blackness, social identities), plus how understanding these is critical in business and client work.

          MODULE 3

          Undoing Gender and Moving Beyond the Gender Binary

          FCA co-founder Cameron Airen will introduce you to Queer Feminist Theory and how becoming more aware of gender socialization and patriarchal gender binary does not serve us, our business or our clients – as well as practical ideas for how you can apply these learnings in your business and client practice. 

          MODULE 4

          Your Niche & Being Gender Inclusive

          Traditional business and marketing teachings encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to reinforce the gender binary in their approaches to niching. In this class, FCA co-founders Naomi Arnold and Cameron Airen teach on how to unlearn these teachings and be gender inclusive in your business, marketing and niching.

          MODULE 5

          Redefining Wellness Coaching 

          Melissa Toler will teach you how the goals, methods, and messages in health, wellness, fitness and coaching industries are often harmful and how you can show up differently for yourself and your clients.

          MODULE 6

          Confident Courageous Coaching Conversations

          As your awareness expands, Nicole Lee will teach you how to actually have uncomfortable conversations with your clients, audience, family and friends about these topics and the ‘isms’ (e.g., sexism, racism, ableism, classism, etc).

          MODULE 7

          Mental Health, Trauma and Your Business

          Nicole Lewis-Keeber will teach you about the importance of having a foundational understanding of little t trauma and big T trauma in your client practice and what to do when you realise your clients are experiencing such trauma.

          MODULE 8

          Privilege, Racial Trauma Awareness and Harm

          Helping professionals who are not aware of privilege and racial trauma often cause harm to their clients. Sharyn Holmes will teach you about privilege, the importance of racial trauma awareness, and how to minimise harm in client-practitioner relationships.

           MODULE 9

          Ableism and Healthism in Feminist Coaching, Healing and Wellness Spaces

          Isabel Abbott teaches on how ableism and healthism show up in coaching, healing and wellness spaces – and what you can do to be more mindful and inclusive in your work and client practice.

          MODULE 10

          Interrupting the Program: Decolonising & Indigenising the Coaching Space

          Yolanda Finette is passionate about decolonising and Indigenising the coaching and helping professional industries – and will be teaching you why this is important and how you can begin to do so in your business and client practice.

          MODULE 11

          Refining Rage

          In this class, Staci Jordan Shelton shares how feminist leaders often have a relationsip with rage that is rooted in performativity and a sense of powerlessness and does not facilitate real change. She shares some questions and insights on how as feminist leaders we can move beyond this, refine rage and progress change.

          MODULE 12

          Action & Accountability

          In this final class in the core training, you will learn how to create an action and accountability plan to help ensure you continue to move forward and integrate what you have learned in this training and beyond. You will also learn about ‘crisis communication’ and how to apologise when you have done wrong or caused harm. 

          PHASE 2

          2 x ELECTIVE Curriculum Modules

          For Modules 13 and 14, you will get to choose two elective modules from a collection of at least four electives focusing on business & marketing, sex & relationships, and wellness & body liberation. These elective trainings in the specialty areas of your choice will occur in the final month of the training.


          ELECTIVE 1

          Breaking Free From Manipulative Business & Marketing

          We have been socialised to believe that building a successful business requires us to be hard core, void of feeling, manipulative and play silly games with the people we say we want to serve. In this elective training, Lena West will teach you how to challenge these patriarchal models, ditch predatory practices, integrate your feminist ethics, and find a new way – YOUR way.

          ELECTIVE 2

          Feminist Copywriting & Connecting With Your Ancestors

          Darla Antoine will teach on the difference between patriarchal communication and feminist communication and ethics, feminist marketing and copywriting, and how ancestral healing and reverence relates to this work. She also gifts participants free access to her Ancestral Magic: Anti-Racist Genealogical Research and Ancestral Reverence program.

          ELECTIVE 3

          Reclaiming Health & Wellbeing Through Body Liberation

          In this teaching, The Body Lib Advocate Patrilie Hernandez, explores how the body has been historically utilized as a source of oppression and power – and how body liberation can be a tool to help decolonize, rebuild and reclaim personal health and wellbeing. This class is especially for those who loved Melissa Toler’s class on Redefining Wellness and want to continue their Body Liberation learnings.

          ELECTIVE 4

          Feminist Social Media Marketing

          In this teaching, the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, Cassandra T Le, will teach on inclusive feminist approaches to social media marketing with an intersectional perspective / framework. For those who find social media marketing challenging and icky, this class will support you in finding a way to show up online in a way that aligns with your inclusive feminist values.

          ELECTIVE 5

          Break Up With Burn Out

           In this class, Wellness Mentor & Priestess, Jolinda Johnson, will be teaching on breaking up with burn out from an intersectional femininist lens. We know that many feminist leaders and their clients grapple with burnout and that this class will help them understand the different types, the various stages and the symptoms to watch out for as they progress, and the root causes that go way beyond just being tired of your job. She’ll also give recommendations for how to get out of chronic stress so, as she says, “you can start living as the badass you were born to be: whole, health, free.”

          ELECTIVE 6

          Body Liberation Practices

          In this class, Body Liberation Mentor and Intuitive Eating Coach Nicola Haggett will teach on practical tools and practices that you can personally utilise (and use with your clients too) to support body liberation. This elective class is a wonderful companion to the early classes on body liberation by Melissa Toler and Patrilie Hernandez.

          PHASE 3


          By this phase, the live training component is complete and you have received all of the coursework. If you wish to apply for certification, you now have another six months (with the option to apply for an extension) to complete the coursework and submit your Multi-Media Final Project. You will learn more about this as we approach the end of the training. If you do not plan to apply for certification, you will still have access to the training during these additional six months (with a total of 12 months from the start of the training) to access and complete the coursework.



          The Feminist Coach Academy is regularly inviting new faculty members and working to further enhance the certification training upon the delivery of each cohort. For this reason, between now and the official start date in March 2022, some adjustments might be made to the curriculum. However, what is provided here is indicative of what you can expect to learn in the training.

          FACULTY & TEAM

          NAOMI ARNOLD

          Co-founder & Teacher


          Co-Founder & Teacher


          Advisory Board (AB) Member & Teacher


          AB Member, Teacher & Integration Call Facilitator


          AB Member & Teacher

          LENA WEST

          AB Member & Teacher



          NICOLE LEE










          CASSANDRA T. LE











          Since the official training doesn’t commence until March 2022, you will receive instant access to an Introduction To Feminist Theory page whereby you can begin your learning. This page includes readings and videos that will assist with developing a foundation for your learning and enable you to feel more prepared ahead of commencing the training.


          You will also receive instant access to a private resources section of the membership site where additional resources are stored to support you in integrating feminist coach theory in your business and client practice, as well as growing your inclusive feminist business (e.g., core text list, worksheets, additional video training, tipsheets, e-books and other surprise bonuses).


          When the training commences, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group community with your peers to connect throughout the training period, keep the momentum going between classes and calls, receive support from your trainers and classmates, and have somewhere to ask any questions that might support the integration of your learning.



          During the training period, you will have access to monthly Integration Calls where you will get to discuss the previous modules and how your learnings can be integrated in your life, business and client practice. These calls will also be an opportunity for you to discuss the classes, learnings and takeaways further – as well as practice feminist coaching, ethics & analysis. These calls are hosted by FCA Advisory Board Member, Teacher & Facilitator Sharyn Holmes.


          An Advisory Board member also hosts a group call for Black, Blak, Indigenous, First Nations, and People of Color members only. White co-founders and members DO NOT attend or have access to the call. It is an opportunity for attendees to talk about: their experience of feminism and their industry; navigating spaces that are dominated by white folks (even if they proclaim to be feminist and anti-racist); resourcing themselves; and any other topic that is on heart.


          You will also have the optional opportunity to become certified in Feminist Coach Theory upon completion of the training should you choose to apply and are assessed as having met the certification criteria. Those certified in Feminist Coach Theory will be publicly listed on our website upon certification. Learn more about the certification criteria here.


          Feminist Coach Academy Advisory Board and faculty member, Sharyn Holmes (she/they), facilitates the Integration Calls within the training.

          Sharyn is the CEO of Formidable Voices, an events and social movement created in 2019 to elevate and create speaking opportunities for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour across coaching, spirituality, wellness, social justice, creativity and entrepreneurship.

          Sharyn is also an award-winning leadership and inclusion coach, consultant, speaker, artist and writer. Their work dives deep into social justice, spirituality and personal sovereignty. Sharyn is passionate about anti-oppression, anti-racism, creating inclusive spaces, conscious business strategy, creativity and self-expression and works as a consultant to small businesses in these areas. 

          In Sharyn’s words: “I’m a biracial Asian, bisexual mother. I’m anti-racist and pro-Black. I’m an anti-capitalist. I’m trauma-informed. I live with chronic illness & disorders. I’m a social entrepreneur. I’m a witch.”

          We know that what Sharyn brings to these calls is highly valuable for the Feminist Coach Academy community. You will find Sharyn’s support on the Integration Calls alongside your peers incredibly helpful and supportive in integrating what you are learning in the coursework.  We can’t wait to introduce you to them!

          (When you click this button you’ll have the opportunity to review pricing options and then click through to our application form where you can apply to join the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training.)


          If our coaching work isn’t underpinned by inclusive, feminist, anti-oppression practices then we are going to do harm. This is why the vision that Nai & Cam are bringing to life through the Feminist Coaching Academy is so important.

          They have co-created a curriculum that guides coaches through the process of integrating inclusive feminst principles and social justice into the very fabric of their business.

          The quality of the guest lectures, led by BIPOC and other marginalised experts, has been excellent and I have already integrated so much of what I’ve learnt into my own coaching practice.

          Nicola Haggett

          Body Liberation Mentor & Intuitive Eating Coach

          If you’re looking to adjust your coaching practice and make it more inclusive, socially aware and intersectional, I cannot recommend the Feminist Coach Academy more! 

          Every coach should be educated about the topics covered in this program.

          When we work with people, we have a social responsibility to consciously engage with problems that are not just ‘individual’ (nothing is individual), but to address the structural level of people’s living and experiences.

          Margherita Sgorbissa

          FairForce Founder


          The co-founders of the Feminist Coach Academy and Feminist Coach Theory are Cameron Airen (they/them) and Naomi Arnold (she/they). They are passionate about helping inclusive feminist leaders (like you!) create successful, impactful and sustainable businesses with integrity.

          Cameron (aka Cam) and Naomi (aka Nai) co-created the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training with the incredible Advisory Board and faculty of whom we have mentioned above.

          You will get to know Cam and Nai during the certification training as they teach some of the classes, moderate the Facebook group, assess your submitted workbooks, and join a number of the live group calls.

          Cam and Nai cannot wait to meet you and your peers soon!

          (When you click this button you’ll have the opportunity to review pricing options and then click through to our application form where you can apply to join the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training.)


          This is a truly transformative experience – not only for us as coaches, but for our industry, community and world.

          As a newbie coach, I thought I had all the boxes ticked: take a coaching course, help clients reach their goals, post inspirational memes on Instagram.

          After training with the Feminist Coach Academy, I’ve seen how that was ‘coaching lite’ – and that I may have even been inadvertently causing harm. In a safe space, Nai, Cam and all the incredible mentors and teachers, reveal, layer by layer, step by step, how to build a truly inclusive, informed, integrated business. So not only do we help our clients create change in their own lives, but also to co-create vast, varied and valuable social change.

          FCA is more than a program. It’s the beginning of a career-long, life-long journey to becoming a better coach and a better human. I completed FCA inspired, elevated, educated, connected and confident, ready to make a meaningful difference with actionable knowledge. It was the essential coach training I never knew I needed – held in an intimate community of coaches who I now call friends. 

          Katherine Rose

          Intuitive Coach & Copywriter

          The Feminist Coach Theory training has been awesome. It’s already changed so much of how I run my business and the relationships in my life! I love the experience! This is all the information and knowledge I was looking for in this field in one space. The classes are great and really informative. The experience in the community and the classes is great. I like that we have the FB group to be able to ask questions, share what’s come up for us, and people will hop in and give their insight.

          Cassandra Le

          The Quirky Pineapple Founder, Brand Strategist & Copywriter

          I joined FCA to build a feminist praxis in my business as a mentor, and to help get a more holistic view of all the isms as they impact my practice. The quality and the depth of each of the trainings has been impressive, and it’s helped me deepen my analysis of all areas. Best of all, I feel better equipped to take concrete actions in my business to truly be intersectional, and to ensure I’m serving my clients in a way that’s brave and does no harm.”

          Maggie Patterson

          Small Business Boss founder


          of joining the


          Expand your social awareness. We know many folks want to do better but don’t feel they know enough yet. You will learn various feminist perspectives that will blow your mind, completely change how you manage your business, and help you feel more courageous in showing up for yourself, your audience and clients with integrity.

          Learn from the best of the best. We will connect you with some of the most experienced expert teachers in the feminist and social justice industries. This diverse faculty will help you evolve your brain and have next level ah-hah moments that will have ripple on effects in every facet of your business and life.

          Expand your coaching toolkit and as result enhance client outcomes and experiences. You will learn a whole suite of frameworks, powerful questions and critical thinking skills that will help you support your clients in more whole, nuanced and liberating ways. You will up level BIG TIME.

          Experience personal growth, transformation and liberation. Everything you learn in this training can be applied to yourself and your personal journey too. We have found that members experience incredible transformation, not just in their businesses, but in their personal lives too.  

          Know what to do when you make mistakes or when the world is experiencing a major crisis. So many folks are afraid of stuffing up and getting things wrong. It happens to all of us. In this training, you will learn what to do in these cases, how to ditch performativity, and show up ethically with integrity, make repairs and be held accountable.

          Embrace the confident, courageous, feminist leader that you know you can be. As your awareness increases in the training and you have practice talking through and implementing the changes required in your business, work and client practice – you will feel a shift in how you show up in your business and industry.

          Feel supported and part of an inclusive feminist community who are working together to create change. Your trainers, teachers and fellow trainees will be by your side the whole way on our live calls and in the Facebook group as we learn and take imperfect action together.

          Grow a thriving business in a socially conscious and sustainable way with INTEGRITY and FEMINIST VALUES & ETHICS. With the support of your trainers and fellow trainees, you will ditch the manipulative and unethical ways we are taught to do business and still grow a thriving business as a Feminist CEO with integrity. 

          Be part of co-creating a new industry standard of helping professionals. You get to be an example of what’s possible as a feminist entrepreneur and helping professional, leading a new way forward in the coaching, helping professional and entrepreneurial world. 

              OUR EPIC VISION

              We are co-creating a new industry standard for helping professionals where they are devoted to the praxis of inclusive feminism in their life, business and client practice in order to truly serve themselves, their clients and their society in more nuanced, whole, liberating and long-lasting ways.

              We want these inclusive feminist leaders to be the ones who are booked out with waiting lists, making the big bucks, using their platforms and money for good, feeling grounded in themselves, their needs and their mission, and co-creating the change this world desperately needs.

              We believe these inclusive feminist leaders will co-create the actualisation of more just, liberating and joyful visions for those within their sphere of influence, rippling through to current and future generations.

              Will you join us in co-creating this vision? We hope so.

              (When you click this button you’ll have the opportunity to review pricing options and then click through to our application form where you can apply to join the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training.)

              KEY DATES

              for training


              WELCOME & PREPARE | Welcome Calls  |Week of 7 March 2022

              MODULE 1 (Part 1) VIDEOS & WORKBOOKS | Week of 14 March 2022

              MODULE 1 (Part 2) VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 21 March 2022

              MODULE 2 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 28 March 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Integration Call 1 | Week of 4 April 2022

              MODULE 3 (Part 1) VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 11 April 2022

              MODULE 3 (Part 2) VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 18 April 2022

              MODULE 4 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 25 April 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Integration Call 2 | Week of 2 May 2022

              MODULE 5 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 9 May 2022

              MODULE 6 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 16 May 2022

              MODULE 7 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 23 May 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Integration Call 3 | Week of 30 May 2022

              MODULE 8 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 6 June 2022

              MODULE 9 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 13 June 2022

              MODULE 10 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 20 June 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Integration Call 4 | Week of 27 June 20202

              MODULE 11 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 4 July 2022

              MODULE 12 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 11 July 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Integration Call 5 | Week of  18 July 2022

              ELECTIVE 1 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS Week of 25 July 2022

              ELECTIVE 2 VIDEO & WORKBOOKS | Week of 1 August 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Week of 8 August 2022

              IMPLEMENTATION WEEK | Closing Celebration Calls  | 15 August 2022

              *** IMPORTANT NOTE***  This key dates section is an approximation of what you can expect when it comes to module release dates and the call schedule for the upcoming March 2022 intake. Some changes might be made between now and when the cohort starts. Upon being accepted in the training, you will receive instant access to our Core Texts List, My Resources section, and Intro to Feminist Theory page so you can begin your learning (if you wish) and have a foundational understanding upon starting the training in March 2022.

                  WHAT OUR MEMBERS SAY

                  Things have changed so much since initially starting the Feminist Coach Academy.

                  I find that as I work through the learnings and have time for things to “sink in”, that micro shifts are happening all the time. Having now gone through the modules and looking back, I can feel how much more comfortable I am with diversity as a lived approach, rather than a check list approach.

                  So well done! You’ve put together an amazing program and I know I’ve shifted so far.

                  I absolutely love FCA!! It feels like it connects up my beliefs with facts, and gives strategies to make real impacts in my life, family and business.

                  Tanya Rutherford

                  Learn, Grow, Become CEO

                  Studying with the Feminist Coach Academy has been one of the best things I have undertaken for my business and my own self development.

                  Being able to learn from these amazing teachers has provided me with a framework and vocabulary to help me address my own unearned privilege and also bring awareness to how the systems of oppression have an impact on us.

                  I have gained clarity with my values, confidence in having conversations around these topics, and deepened my beliefs in inclusive feminism.

                  This is important work and Feminist Coach Academy has shown me how I can integrate all of this with my business and my life. 

                  Sabrina Davis

                  Life Coach + Skyhigh & Believe Founder

                  IS THIS TRAINING

                  for you?

                  We are searching for 30 coaches or helping professionals who are devoted to doing the work required to become certified in Feminist Coach Theory.

                  We appreciate that this training will not be suitable for everyone, so want to help you determine whether you might be a fit.

                  Let’s find out if you’re a match.


                  You are a coach, therapist, healer, helping professional, health + wellness practitioner, or service-based entrepreneur. You are either currently practicing in your profession or are undertaking your training in said profession. We do not teach you how to be a coach or helping professional – we teach you how to integrate feminist coach theory into your work and service.

                  You identify as a feminist or are open to learning about feminism. You passionately HATE white feminism and want to learn how to apply intersectional frameworks to your work and practice.

                  You are open to being ‘called in’ and held accountable during your learning and integration of feminist coach theory. You realise that you, and we, will make mistakes and are here to unlearn, learn and do better together.

                  You understand that this is an in-depth and rigorous training that will require you to show up and do the work – and that you will be rewarded deeply for doing so. You are excited about becoming equipped to serve your clients in more nuanced, whole, non-binary, anti-oppressive, liberating and long lasting ways.

                      INTEGRITY and LIBERATION is a core value of yours and your business. No matter how much they might work, manipulative and predatory business and marketing practices gross you out and are not an option for you. You want to grow a wildly successful business in ethical, sustainable and socially conscious and liberating ways. 

                      You are 100% committed to the ongoing praxis of anti-racism, anti-Blackness + anti-oppression work and are not afraid to do the self-examination and accountability work required in doing so.

                      You support trans feminism, queer feminism and feminism with interesectional frameworks as these are core values of the Feminist Coach Academy.

                      You believe that client practice is a craft and skill that you will never completely master as it requires ongoing development, practice and learning. We don’t work with folks who think they already have all the answers and nothing to learn. You embrace a beginners mindset, are genuine, coachable and open-minded.

                      You understand that this program will stretch you and make you feel uncomfortable and challenged at times. You are ready to be brave, to learn and unlearn, and to become the inclusive feminist leader that you secretly desire to be.

                      PACKAGES & PRICES



                      We offer discount codes to organisations who wish to send a group of employees or students through the certification training. Please enquire by emaling us at hello(at)feministcoachacademy(dot)com for details and options. Thank you.

                      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                      I don't know if this is the right time for me to join the Feminist Coach Academy. Will there be another intake, and if so, when can I join?

                      Only you know in your gut if our upcoming intake is a great time for you to join. We have two intakes a year that we open enrollment for March and September. If you don’t think the current intake is the best timing for you, you can wait to enroll in our next intake. Please keep in mind that the price of future intakes might increase.

                      What are the times for the classes and calls in my timezone?

                      None of the classes are delivered ‘live’ and can instead be accessed in your own time via the members’ portal as they are released weekly. In terms of our live Integration calls, the dates and times for these are determined closer to the start date once Team FCA have a better idea of the locations of those enrolled in order to schedule calls at times that participants can attend. The times of the live calls generally vary since we often have members joining from multiple timezones and attempt to make it as fair as we possibly can. We also record all of the calls so you can catch the replay for any that you are unable to attend live. 

                      How long are each of the calls?

                      Most of the classes and calls are between 60-120 minutes.

                      Who facilitates each of the calls?

                      The co-founders, Cam and/or Nai facilitate our opening and closing calls. Advisory Board and faculty member Sharyn Holmes facilitate the Integration Calls and may sometimes have an Advisory Board member or teacher join them as a special guest. Advisory Board and faculty members Sharyn Holmes and Lena West host our Heart To Heart Calls for Black, Blak, Indigenouns, and People of Color.

                      Will the classes and calls be recorded?

                      Yes, the feminist classes will have been pre-recorded and sent to you on the week of their scheduled module. The monthly Integration Calls will be recorded and accessible to watch in our members portal after they go live.

                      How many hours will this training require of me each week?

                      The training will take place over six months. Every week, you will get a different feminist class to watch and complete a workbook for with an implementation call approximately every third-fourth week to help you integrate what you’ve been learning, submit homework and complete certification requirements. (There will be some extra implementation weeks and holiday breaks where you can catch up too.)

                      You should expect 3-5 hours for the class and workbook each week. Plus, monthly Integration Calls, so depending on the week, you can expect 3-5 hours. Every approximate three weeks, there is an Implementation Week where no classes are sent but you will get time to catch up on your homework, implement what you have been learning and submit any outstanding homework for certification. That time will depend on you, how much you prioritize it, and how much you get done during study weeks already but could take up to 3-5 hours.


                      We are dedicated to creating a high quality certification training where you feel well adversed in Feminist Coach Theory and equipped to integrate it into your practice, business and everyday life. Our certification training is robust because we care about you learning and implementing the tools and being equipped to practice feminist, anti-oppression coaching if that’s something that’s important to you. 

                      Do I become certified in Feminist Coach Theory at the end? How do I become certified?

                      If you do all that is required to get certified (including watching all of the required classes, attending/watching the Integration Calls, completing all the workbooks and other actions, and complete the Multi-Media Final Project, then you can apply to become certified in Feminist Coach Theory by the Feminist Coach Academy. If you do not complete all of the requirements, then you will not get certified. You will be given another 6 months after the training to complete all of your certification requirements and apply for certification. You can read more about our certification criteria here

                      I am interested in the training but am not interested in becoming certified. Is this a problem?

                      This is not a problem at all. The process of certification is completely up to you. If you choose to not go through the process of certification, you are not eligible to say you are certified in Feminist Coach Theory by the Feminist Coach Academy. You can say that you have undertaken Feminist Coach Academy classes.

                      Many certification programs run by White folks are problematic and act as 'gatekeepers' of knowledge and skills. How are you addressing this in your certification training?

                      Much thought went into deciding whether to make this training a certification or not. We ended up deciding to do so to encourage folks to fully commit to the learning, unlearning and action taking that we believe is required in this space. We didn’t want it to be a training where people take the classes, learn some of the theory, and don’t take ongoing action. Our hope is by making it a certification training that focuses on praxis, that trainees will be encouraged to integrate what they learn during and after the program.

                      However, we also acknowledge that white folks often position themselves as gatekeepers of knowledge and skills and we are trying to be mindful about this as two white co-founders as we design and deliver the training. We offer scholarship options and positions in each intake to help make it more accessible for folks who need and desire to undertake the training but perhaps aren’t in the financial position to do so right now. We have asked our Advisory Board members, who are involved in the certification process and assessment, to help hold us accountable to continuing to recognise this issue and do the ongoing work required to ensure we are offering a comprehensive, quality and transformative training without becoming ‘gatekeepers’ in the process. You can learn more our Advisory Board members here.

                      Will I have access to the teachers and be able to ask them questions myself?

                      Most of the teachers, you will not have direct access to, however some of our teachers might show up for a pop-up Q&A or on Integration Calls where you can ask them questions. You can ask the FCA co-founders (Naomi Arnold and Cameron Airen) and your fellow trainees any questions you have in the FB group, on live calls, or email us at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com. 

                      Do you pay the teachers?

                      Yes! We have been paying our teachers since the beginning when we designed  the Feminist Coach Academy pilot round. We knew we wanted a faculty of expert teachers in a range of topics related to feminism and social justice. We also wanted to offer the classes in a way that not only enabled participants to access the best training possible, but also supported and respected the guest teachers. In alignment with our feminist values, it is important for us to pay the guest teachers and we continue to do so.

                      I notice that each of your teachers offer trainings on their website also. How are these different from your training?

                      The FCA is a 6-month certification training with the opportunity for folx to get certified in Feminist Coach Theory if they choose to undergo the robust process. It’s a training consisting of over a dozen of classes with different teachers teaching on various topics (like sex, abelism, white supremacy, queer theory, internalized oppresion, feminist copywriting, body liberation, etc.). In addition to the weekly classes, you get monthly access to Feminist CEO calls and Integration Calls and support for 6 months (and afterwards if you get certified).


                      While the teachers may cover similar topics in their programs, the trainings on the teachers’ websites are different from ours. Their trainings go deeper into the work that they do, so if you love a particular class in the FCA, you can expect that their offerings on their website will assist you in going deeper into the topic they teach on in the FCA. We 100% believe in, support and recommend the trainings on FCA teachers’ websites, hence why we invited them to be a teacher. 😉 


                      In an ideal world, we’d invite everyone to do both – all of the in-depth workshops and trainings outside of the FCA taught by our teachers AND the FCA certification. 😉 Yet, we know, realistically, not everyone has the funds to do both.  


                      In terms of our training, we recommend the Feminist Coach Academy for folx who want to get certified in Feminist Coach Theory, learn about a variety of oppressions and ways we’re socialized, get weekly and monthly business support with live calls and be a part of a community. It’s not for everyone though and will be rigorous so will require that folks are 100% committed and interested in putting in the time and energy. 

                      Is Feminist Coach Theory and your training queer friendly and trans-inclusive?
                      The Feminist Coach Academy are advocates of trans feminism, queer feminism and feminism with intersectional frameworks. Some of our cofounders, Advisory Board peers and faculty identify as nonbinary and/or on the queer spectrum.
                      We have a class that is dedicated to queer theory, queer feminism, and undoing the gender binary in the training – where we also have additional videos, readings and resources for folks to support the learnings in these modules. We also host an integration call that focuses on these classes because we find this is one of the topics where members have the most questions around integrating the learnings in their business and work – with many changing their messaging and the language they use in their copy, website, social media, marketing etc to reflect what they have learned.
                      While some of our faculty members identify as non-binary and/or on the queer spectrum too – they do not specifically teach around this. We have been in contact with potential new teachers around including classes on trans liberation, white supremacy and gender, queer friendly sex & relationship coaching, and other important areas that we believe coaches and helping professionals need to be familiar with here too.
                      We also have community guidelines that remind members to use gender inclusive / gender free language when addressing the community and have a cheatsheet in our resources section to support them with this too. We prompt members to share their pronouns with us on our Meet & Greet call and to put them on their Zoom name if they feel called.  Some members have also started to explore their gender and have shifted how they identify since joining the program and reflecting on the early teachings. Since we have a global program, we have also been learning from members in other countries about the nuances around language and identity when it comes to gender and sexuality specifically.
                      Are you hiring?

                      We are not hiring at this time. Whenever we are hiring, we look to folks who have taken our certification training first. If you want to be a part of our team, we encourage you to take our training and get certified in Feminist Coach Theory first.

                      Should I be a certified life coach before taking your training?
                      The short answer is, no.
                      You do not need to be a coach in order to join our training even though we use “coach” as part of our title. We have employees who are not coaches as well as helping professionals and entrepreneurs who are not coaches in our training. Some feminists take our training for their own inner feminist growth and simply to be more aware of social justice.
                      If you are not a certified coach but you want to take a life coaching certification, you don’t need to be a certified coach before taking our training. In fact, we think that it would be useful to apply what you learn in our training of inclusive feminism into the life coach training you choose to undertake. We have some members that have done this.
                      While there are some life coach trainings that incorporate some social awareness and social justice teachings, we haven’t come across any that are as in-depth and well rounded as this training since it specialises in exactly this. Thus, whatever life coach training you choose to take, the Feminist Coach Theory certification training will elevate your awareness even more!
                      If you’re a coach, but you’re not a “certified” coach, that’s completely okay, our training is still for you. While you won’t be certified as a coach through our training, you can get certified in Feminist Coach Theory, which equips you intersectional awareness and integration for your practice, work and life.
                      Is this training for coaches only?

                      No, this training is for coaches and/or those who integrate coaching skills or methods in their work with clients. In addition to coaches, we welcome other helping professionals such as therapists, healers, mentors, facilitators, personal trainers, service-based and creative entrepreneurs and leaders who are interested in joining to gain insight to how to integrate feminist coach theory in their practice.

                      Will this training teach me how to become a coach?

                      No, this training is not a life coaching certification, it teaches you how to integrate Feminist Coach Theory into your coaching practice, work and business. You do not have to be a certified coach to undergo our training. We teach you how to be a socially conscious helping professional and entrepreneur whether you’re a coach or not.

                      I'm a therapist. Can this training go toward my registration and professional development credits?

                      We have had therapists entroll in the training and submit their study hours as part of their registration and professional development credits. We are not across every registration system across all countries and territories, so recommend that you check the requirements of your specific registration system. We do provide a certificate at the end of the certification and can provide a statement of hours studied to provide as evidence if needed.

                      If your credit requirements require trainings to cover the topic of ethics, yes this is covered in the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training. Although we do not have a class specifically titled Feminist Ethics, we do discuss in most trainings and live calls how we can integrate what we are learning which is essentially inclusive feminist values, analyses and ethics into our client practice and work. We also recommend that such trainees enroll in the elective taught by Lena West that examines the predatory and manipulative tactics often employed in business, coaching and marketing practices and how we can break free from these and behave in a more ethical and feminist way. 

                      If you have any further questions about this, please contact us at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com.

                      Finances are tight right now. Do you offer reduced fee rates and/or scholarships?

                      Yes, we do. We usually offer an Early Bird discounted rate or some kind of special, or an extended payment plan option a month or so before our next intake. Make sure you take advantage of this time period. We do offer a limited number of partial scholarship spots for each intake. If you would like one of our partial scholarship spots for our next intake, please fill out this form.

                      I am an organisation and am interested in taking multiple people through the training. Do you offer a licensing rate?

                      Yes, we do. Please contact us at hello(at)feministcoachacademy(dot)com to enquire about available options. You might also like to check out our Aware & Inclusive training package options here.

                      Will I fit in? I'm new to feminism.

                      Whether you’re new to feminism or you studied feminist theory in college, as long as you have a willingness to learn and grow, you will fit right into our community! In fact, several of our members have been beginner learners and are feeling more confident in their awareness and knowledge after having engaged with the classes and calls.

                      I feel like I'm pretty advanced in my level of feminism. Is the FCA right for me?

                      Yes! While the founders have been lifelong feminists and studied feminist theory in academia, there is always more to learn and feminism is continuously evolving so it’s good to be up-to-date and continue blowing our minds. Plus, even if you’re not new to feminist theory, practicing and integrating it into your work and biz can be a whole different story. We help you put feminist coach theory into practice and feel more confident integrating it into your work. You get to be a part of an amazing feminist community too! Our members are pretty awesome. 🙂

                      Will there be a Facebook group for participants?

                       Yes, we have a private Facebook community for all of our FCA members. We invite you to join the group the first week of when our next intake starts. 

                      Is there a refund and cancellation period?

                      If upon receiving access to the Feminist Coach Academy membership site, you decide our training is not for you, you can request to exit within 30 days of having enrolled in the training.

                      You will need to email us at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com within 30 days of enrolling to request the cancellation. We will then cancel your membership.

                      If you paid in full and request a refund within the 30 days, you will receive a refund minus any fees or amounts owed.

                      If you select the payment plan option, please note that if you do not request a refund or cancellation between the 30 day period, you are committing to pay the entire balance as per your payment plan. This means no requests for withdrawals, suspensions or cancellations of the payment plan will be accepted after the 30 day period. If you do request a refund within the 30 days, the remaining months of your payment will be cancelled and you will exit the training.

                      * This policy applies to every enrollment, including those who enroll as a scholarship placement.

                      If you have any questions about our refund and cancellation policy, please email hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com.

                      Who are the co-founders of the Feminist Coach Academy?

                      We are Nai (she/they) and Cam (they/them), who have been both life and business coaches and feminist mentors who are passionate about helping inclusive feminist leaders (like you) create successful, impactful, sustainable businesses with integrity. Combined, we have been studying feminist theory for at least two decades, and have backgrounds in gender studies, psychology, counseling, working in government, human rights, health, fitness training, coaching, and entrepreneurship.

                      Is this training for women only?

                      No. This program is for all gender identities. For your information, our co-founder, Cam, identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, and Nai identifies as a woman and uses she/they pronouns.

                      We note you use the word 'intersectional' on this website and this concerns me. Is this training truly intersectional?

                      As our teacher and Advisory Board member, Desiree Adaway, teaches us in her class, individuals are not intersectional, frameworks are. It is extremely important for us to teach feminist coach theory with intersectional frameworks. We ask each of our teachers to acknowledge and approach their classes with an intersectional lens no matter the topic.

                      Is there a life coach training you recommend if I want to be a certified life coach?

                      The Feminist Coach Academy does not endorse any specific life coaching certification training. Our co-founder, Nai, is a certified life coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. If you’re interested in joining their training, you can learn more and use our affiliate link here.

                      How long will I have access to the training?

                      You will have access to the members portal (including all the modules and resources) for 12 months from the start of the intake you attend. If you become certified, then you will have access to the members portal (including the modules, resources, extra resources, and extra classes) for indefinitely. 

                      Are you a US based company?

                      No we are not. We serve a global community.

                      I have more questions. Where can I submit them?

                      You can email them to us here: hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com. When you contact us, please keep in mind that we are a small team. As our autoresponder states when you email us, it can sometimes take several days for us to get back to you. We look forward to receiving your email! 

                      WHAT OUR MEMBERS SAY

                      My experience of the Feminist Coaching Academy is three-fold: I’m a participant, an instructor and a proud Advisory Board member.

                      And, one thing about me, I don’t give this much of my time, focus and bandwidth to anything that’s not utterly and completely worthwhile. I’ve been a business strategist, coach and mentor for 15 years and one thing I know is “business as usual” sucks — doing things the same old way isn’t useful, helpful or relevant.

                      And, that’s why the role FCA plays in making sure coaches are prepared for broaching, handling and expanding next level conversations about truly intersectional feminism, racism, colonialism, patriarchy, ageism, ableism and extractive capitalism is ESSENTIAL. Seriously.

                      We simply cannot afford as humans and leaders to NOT have these conversations through and with our businesses and brands. The time for “listening and learning” and “thoughts and prayers” is OVER.  What the world needs now are leaders who are prepared to show up to these conversations coached-up and resourced-up so they can LEAD.

                      And, FCA is THE place to receive that training from a team of faculty who actually care about you, your business and your ability to hold space for how our businesses can and must evolve. FCA not only makes sure you’re on the right side of history, they make sure your commitment to social change isn’t simply performative — so you can STAY on the right side of history.

                      Lena West

                      CEO Rising Founder